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   Tony Bowers
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He has professionally played the bass and the guitar for 32 years. He started to perform with various blues groups, his first then play with Alberto y lost Trios Paranoias, Durutti Column and Mothmen.
During that same period he produced the legendary recording by Pink Military, a seminal group in the Liverpool of the Eighties...after this he experimented with the then newborn "electronic music", with the avant-garde musician C J Grifffith... to later become a founding member of Simply Red (the first three albums plus singles). Later on, after a break to "set up a family", he cooperating in producing recordings with various Italian artist, among them Vittorio Cosma, Eugenio Finardi, Demo Morselli and others...; he also produced, arranged and played for "Who Stole the Sky" by Sainkho Namtchlyak. In recent years he has revisited his Irish roots and now also plays the Uillean pipes and is putting together a series of Irish "airs", performed in a particular manner; he is also studying the Indian bansuri and other ethnic instruments, having always been very interested in music from all over the world. He is currently mainly working with Filippo Scrimizzi and Lao Kouyate on the project entitled "Plantation".
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