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   Ildefonso Falcones
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Born in 1959, and a lawyer specialised in civil law, he works in Barcelona where he lives with his wife and four children.
Always an avid reader, over the years he studied in depth the Middle Ages in Catalonia, both out of personal interest and because of needs linked to his profession, and in particular the various aspects of juridical and legislative culture during that historical period. After acquiring in depth knowledge of the 14th Century Catalan world, Falcones de Sierra began to write his novel. After the rigour of historical research came the methodical element of the discipline of writing: for four consecutive years the author devoted to his book one hour every morning before going to work, and also many nights and quite a few weekends. At the end of these four years, during which Falcones de Sierra also had the support of a Creative Writing School, La catedral del mar was published, a novel telling the story of the construction of the la basilica of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona’s Ribeira district.
The novel was published in Spain in March 2006 and was immediately an extraordinary success, resulting in an unprecedented publishing phenomenon; after a first run of 85.000 copies, in April of that same year The Cathedral of the Sea rushed to the top of the Spanish bestseller lists.
It has currently sold over a million copies in Spain and in Italy Longanesi is publishing the ninth edition with 200.000 copies sold; publication rights have been bought in most foreign countries (Great Britain, Germany, France, Poland, China, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Serbia, Turkey and the United States) and the book continues to be a bestseller.
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