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   Luca Recupero
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Luca Recupero was born in Catania in 1973. When he was thirteen years old he started to study music and the electric bass with the maestro Enrico Scandurra. In 1991 he moved to Bologna where he improved his knowledge of new musical techniques, which he uses within the framework of his professional activities as sound engineer, and simultaneously began to study the musical cultures of the oral tradition, graduating from the Dams in History of Musical Instruments. During those same years he haunted both jazz circles and those of experimental and electronic music, attending the Scuola Popolare di Musica Ivan Illich, where he became familiar with the Mediterranean’s traditional music and started to study the Sicilian tambourine with the maestro Fabio Tricomi. In 1996-97 he spent an important period studying in Amsterdam, where he rediscovered another traditional Sicilian instrument: the Jewish harp, studying it over the years in greater depth also thanks to a Masters in Ethno-musicology at the Soas in London (2000/01), when he was also able to study Indian and tabla music with the maestro Pandit Vishnu Sahai from Benares. As a musician, a composer and educator, he combines study and respect for the instruments and traditional ways of making music with his searching for an intercultural dimension, and also with an experimental attitude originating in the western and jazz traditions.
Among his most important experiences it is worth mentioning the sync for workshops and theatrical performances directed by Enzo Alaimo (Catania, 1987/88); the soundtrack (original and archive music) for the video-documentary entitled ‘Transe, rituali, musica: un viaggio attraverso il tarantismo’, presented in Bologna, Lecce, and Cagliari (Bologna, 1995/96); the recordings and performances with the Orchestra di Rumore da Camera conducted by Massimo Simonini (Bologna, 1996); appearances with the Orchestra di Gamelan Giavanese conducted by the maestro Heinz (A’dam, 1996/97); artistic consultancy and technical supervision of digital interfaces for the King Kong Party electro-acoustic music group(Italia, 1997/98); musical performances (Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy) and recordings (CD 4 Daze, FFRR 2000, Amsterdam 1999) with the Electric Fans international quintet (A’dam 1997/99).
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