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   Luciano Virgilio
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Luciano Virgilio graduated from the Silvio D’Amico Drama Academy in 1966 and immediately became part of Sergio Fantoni’s and Valentina Fortunato’s theatre company for the play entitled "I Lunatici" directed by Luca Ronconi. The following summer he was chosen by Franco Parenti and Guicciardini to play Mosca in Ben Jonson’s "Volpone". For a few years, after 1987, he joined the "Compagnia dei Quattro" (Merchant of Venice, La vedova scalza, Rosenkranz and Guildestern by Stoppard, Sartre’s Les Mouches, La Dame de chez Maxim etc.) In 1974, for the first filming in colour for television, he played Florindo in Goldoni’s "Bottega del caffè" with Tino Buazzelli. In 1976 Mario Missiroli chose him for Pirandello’s "Vestire gli ignudi" also starring Annamaria Guarnieri . He went on to work with Giorgio Strehler at the Piccolo in "King Lear" and "The Tempest". He stayed there until 1981 working with Walter Pagliaro (L’illusion Comique) and Battistoni (Minni la candida, also starring Giulia Lazzarini). In 1983 he starred with Vittorio Gassman and Annamaria Guarnieri in "Macbeth" in the role of Macduff. Immediately after this he played Dubois in "Le false confidenze" by Marivaux, also starring Annamaria Guarnieri and directed by Pagliaro.
During these years he also performed in many historical TV series and plays, playing many different characters in: "Le cinque giornate di Milano", "Lungo il fiume sull’acqua", "La rosa bianca", "Philo Vance", "Majakovshi","Il Consigliere Imperiale", "Malombra", "Gorge Sand", "Orfeo in Paradiso".
In 1985 he met Ronconi again and until 1996 appeared in many performances such as Racine’s "Phaedra", Andreini’s "Le due commedie in commedia", Goldoni’s, "La serva amorosa", Chekhov’s "Three sisters", Hofmannsthal’s "Difficult man", "Gli ultimi giorni dell’umanità" by Kraus, "La folle de Chaillot" by Giraudoux, "The Makcropulos affair" by Capek, "Re Lear", and Gadda’s "Quel pasticciaccio brutto di via merulana". With Massimo Castri he performed in Chekhov’s "The seagull", Pirandello’s "La ragione degli altri" and Ibsen’s "Borkman" and "Ghosts".
Three years ago Rossella Falk asked him to play the part previous played by Romolo Valli in "La bugiarda" by Diego Fabbri.
Last season Piero Maccarinelli summoned him to star with Stefania Sandrelli in "An hour and a half late" by Sybleyras and Dell, and he then went on to perform in "La lunga vita di Marianna Ucria" by Dacia Maraini also starring Mariella Lo Giudice and directed by Puggelli. Once again with Maccarinelli and starring together with Lina Sastri, he played The Messenger in Euripides’ "Medea".
He has very recently finished repeat performances of Novelli’s "Gallina vecchia" directed by Piero Maccarinelli, and produced by Marina Malfatti.
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